Basketball Break #1486 Noir 2019-20 hobby box - Triple Tiered Random Team Break


Basketball Break #1485 


                    NOIR 2019-20 hobby box

             Triple Tiered Random Team Break


1x Noir 2019-20 hobby box

  • 10 total cards
  • 7 autographs or memorabilia cards
  • Look for rookie cards of Zion Williamson, Ja Morant, Tyler Herro, RJ Barrett, Darius Garland, Coby White and more…. 
  • Look for superstar autographs from some of NBA’s best players, such as Nikola Jokic, Giannis Anterokuonmpo, Shaquille O’neal, Allen Iverson, Damian Lillard, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Kevin Garnett, Stephen Curry, Bill Russell and many more…. 
  • Chase for Sneaker Spotlights, Sneaker Spotlight Signatures, Spotlight Signatures, RPAs and more….
  • all cards ship

please note, it is a triple tiered random team break, each spot purchased will get you 3 teams, one of each tiers. 
tiers down below:

 Boston Celtics  Atlanta Hawks  Charlotte Hornets
 Cleveland Cavaliers  Brooklyn Nets  Indiana Pacers
 Golden State Warriors  Chicago Bulls  Los Angeles Clippers
 Los Angeles Lakers  Dallas Mavericks  Oklahoma City Thunder
 Memphis Grizzlies  Denver Nuggets  Orlando Magic
 Miami Heat  Detroit Pistons  Sacramento Kings
 Milwaukee Bucks  Houston Rockets  San Antonio Spurs
 New Orleans Pelicans  Minnesota Timberwolves  Toronto Raptors
 New York Knicks  Phoenix Suns  Utah Jazz
 Philadelphia 76ers  Portland Trail Blazers  Washington Wizards



***Please note: you are buying a custom picture card, as a BONUS, every card which states your team’s logo will be yours.

Shipping needs to be requested as stated in the group rules to get your cards shipped***

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