What is a box break?

A break is an exciting way of collecting cards. We open sealed boxes, packs and cases live on our Facebook group and YouTube Live on a daily basis. Our group is for all sports cards collectors out there. To join please follow this link and hit "join the group". 

Why break with us?

  • We are UK's leading box break group with fastest fills and best prices.
  • We purchase our stock in cases so you have a real chance to get a case hit.
  • All boxes are in hand, you don't need to wait until we receive the boxes. 
  • We are using a verified service for randoms.

What sports?

We break basketball, soccer, NFL and UFC products. 

What breaks do we offer?

We are offering Random, Tiered Random, Random Division and of course Pick Your Team breaks.

  • What is Pick Your Team break?
The total cost of the break is tiered in a way which represents how likely that team is to hit a card of significant value.
    • What is Random break?
    Everyone pays the same amount and the teams are randomly allocated.
      • What is Tiered Random?
      The teams are organised in 2 or 3 tiers by significant value. Everyone gets one random team from each tier. 
        • What is Random Division?
        Everyone gets one random division. (For example in basketball breaks it is 6 spots in total, 5 teams per each spot).

        How to take part in a break?

        All breaks are announced on our Facebook group and Instagram. For some breaks you can claim a spot by commenting on the post when the break is released. These breaks are payable by PayPal transfer straight after your name appears next to claimed spot or team. Full instructions are provided on Facebook. Some breaks are website exclusive and the spots for these breaks are claimed by purchasing them through check out here at kingofhoops.co.uk.

        How do I receive my cards?

        All cards are shipped on request every Monday, so if you want your cards to be added to the next mail day please fill out a request on our site. We provide FREE SHIPPING and only use tracked services for both domestic and International postage.