Soccer Break #214 2-box Obsidian 2021-22 soccer - left side serial number break

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Soccer Break #214 


         2-box Obsidian 2021-22 Soccer hobby 

                left side serial number break 

2x Obsidian 2021-22 hobby box

  • 14 total cards
  • 8 autographs or memorabilia cards
  • 2 electric etch base parallels
  • 2 base cards
  • 2 inserts
  • chase for SSP color blast insert
  • look for Ronaldo, Messi and Beckham autographs 
  • all cards ship

left side serial number break!

Only 10 spots!

each spot will receive a number between 0 and 9.

if the cards left side serial number (before the /) ends with your number the card will be yours.

for example: card numbered to 01/99 will go to the number 1 spot as the last number before the / is 1.

Other examples:

14/25 will go the number 4 spot, 72/149 will go to the number 2 spot. Every 1/1 card will go the number 1 spot.

Every redemption (except a 1/1), points and color blast will be randomised between all participants. 

***Please note: you are buying a custom picture card, as a BONUS, every card which states your team’s logo will be yours.***

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