Soccer Break #138 4-box EPL Prizm 20-21 mixer

Sale price£20.00


Soccer Break #138

1x EPL Prizm 20-21 breakaway box

1x EPL Prizm 20-21 hybrid H2 box

2x EPL Prizm 20-21 cereal box

188 total cards

6x blue, red or pink pulsar parallels 

10 breakaway exclusive prizms

1 H2 exclusive parallel numbered to 23 or less (cracked ice, gold wave or black gold) 

chase for SSP kaboom, color blast or Vigor inserts.

all cards ship!

Only 18 spots, Fulham, Sheffield and West Brom are combined for 1 spot.

Please note: you are buying a custom picture card, as a BONUS, every card which states your team’s logo will be yours.

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