Break #938 10-box Sunday Mega random break

Sale price£75.00


Break #938


2x Obsidian 20-21 hobby box

1x Donruss Optic 20-21 fast break box

2x Crown Royale 20-21 Tmall hobby box

1x Status 19-20 Tmall hobby box

1x Prizm 20-21 mega box

1x Select 20-21 mega box

2x Select 20-21 hanger box

298 total cards

  • 5 guaranteed autographs 
  • possible additional autographs 
  • 4 gold or red wave asia parallels
  • 10 status inserts
  • 10 status parallels 
  • 8 red, white, orange shimmers
  • ultra rare vitreous inserts
  •  Electric etch red, yellow, green, orange, purple parallels
  • 8 blue white purple cracked ice prizms
  • 10 pink ice prizms
  • 18 inserts or fast break disco parallels 
  • all cards ship
  • Indiana, LA Clippers, Utah and Houston gets £35 back as break credit

Please note: you are buying a custom picture card, as a BONUS, every card which states your team’s logo will be yours.



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