Basketball Break #939 🔥 Donruss Optic Dual Fast Break box break🔥 - Pick Your Team

Pick Your Team: Atlanta Hawks
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Break #939

Donruss Optic dual fast break box PYT break

2x Donruss Optic 20-21 fast break box

180 total cards

2 autographs

36 inserts or parallels

  • Find different parallels for Rated Rookies Signatures in Fast Break boxes including: Fast Break Pink (#’d/20) and Fast Break Black (#’d/1)!
  • Collect the Fast Break Signatures set, which includes superstars from the league, old and new!
  • Find your favorite players in the Donruss Optic Base Set this year, which is made up of 150 veterans and 50 top rookies!
  • Fast Break Boxes are the ONLY place to find the following Parallels: Fast Break Holo, Purple, Red, Blue, Pink, Gold(#’d/10) and the one-of-a-kind Fast Break Black!
  • Look for the following insert sets randomly inserted in Fast Break Boxes: Elite Dominators, All-Stars, The Rookies, Lights Out and Rainmakers!

***Please note: you are buying a custom picture card, as a BONUS, every card which states your team’s logo will be yours.***

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