Basketball Break #1542 6-box Donruss Optic 2023-24 choice & mega mixer - Pick Your Team Break

Pick Your Team: Atlanta Hawks


Basketball Break #1542


                         6-box Donruss Optic 2023-24 choice & mega mixer 

                                                    Pick Your Team Break


3x Donruss Optic 2023-24 choice box

3x Donruss Optic 2023-24 mega box

  • 192 total cards
  • at least 3 autographs
  • possible additional autographs
  • 15 choice parallels
  • 42 pink parallels
  • 48 additional parallels or inserts
  • Chase for short printed parallels, such as checkerboard, blue seismic /249, orange hyper /99, dragon, red choice /88, blue choice /24, black gold /8, nebula 1/1 and Phazes SSP inserts

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