Basketball Break #1520 2-box Select 2023-24 mega box & Filler for teams Charlotte, Utah, Washington in break #1518


Basketball Break #1520



2-box Select 2023-24 mega box & FILLER for 3 teams in break #1518

                        random team break 


2x Select 2023-24 mega box

  • 64 total cards
  • possible autographs 
  • look for blue and pink cracked ice parallels
  • chase for elephant and low numbered parallels
  • All cards ship

this break is also a filler for break #1518 (20-box Select 2023-24 H2 PYT case break) 

there are 33 spots to this break, 30 participants will get a random team, the remaining 3 participants will get either Charlotte, Utah or Washington in break #1518


***Please note: you are buying a custom picture card, as a BONUS, every card which states your team’s logo will be yours.

Shipping needs to be requested as stated in the group rules to get your cards shipped***

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