2020/21 Chronicles Basketball Hanger Box

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Configuration: 30 cards per box 


  • 2020 - 2021 Panini Chronicles Basketball features a 425-card set including 50 Base Chronicles, 25 Base Prestige, 25 Base Threads, 35 Base Panini, 30 Base Luminance, 30 Base Playbook, 5 Base Donruss Rated Rookie, 35 Base Essentials, 35 Base Marquee, 30 Base XR, 10 Base Prizm Update, 5 Base Donruss Optic Traded, 30 Base Crusade, 20 Base Hometown Heroes Optic, 15 Base Phoenix, 20 Base Honors and 25 Base Rookies & Stars.

  • Look for Hanger Exclusive Base Classics!

  • Look for Hanger Box Exclusive Green & Red Parallels! 
  • Also look for these randomly inserted cards: Base Chronicles Pink, Base Prestige Pink, Base Threads Pink, Base Panini Pink, Base Luminance Pink, Base Playbook Pink, Base Donruss Rated Rookie Pink, Base Essentials Pink, Base Marquee Pink, Base XR Pink, Base PRIZM Update Silver/Pink, Base Donruss Optic Traded Silver/Pink, Base Crusade Silver/Pink, Base Hometown Heroes Optic Silver/Pink, Base Phoenix Silver/Pink, Base Honors Silver/Pink, Base Rookies & Stars Red, Base Rookies & Stars Blue/Purple/Gold/Platinum (numbered 99 to 1), Rookie Cornerstones Red Obsidian, Limited Rookie Jersey Auto Red, Gold Standard Rookie Jersey Autographs Red, Hometown Heroes Rookie Auto Red, Apprentice Signatures Red, Hall of Fame Autographs Red, Airborne Signatures Red, Phoenix Rookie Auto Red, National Pride Signatures Red.

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