GEM COLLECTION - Soccer- Diamond Edition - Volume 24


                                                GEM COLLECTION


                                                 Diamond Edition

                                                      Volume 24


We are happy to introduce our newest edition of our repack line, Gem Collection- Volume 24. 

24 hand numbered boxes created, each box contains 1 card. 

Purchased boxes will be randomly selected and shipped.

Cases available, for a sealed case please add 6 boxes to your check out.


Full checklist down below:

Player Set Grade Note
Cole Palmer 2021-22 Topps Chrome UCL PSA 8-10 Chrome Autograph Blue wave ref. /75
Cristiano Ronaldo 2021-22 Prizm raw Orange Wave auto
Dani Olmo 2021-22 Merlin 97' UCL PSA 8-10 Autographs Orange /5
Darwin Nunez 2022 J. Bellingham Platinum eufa PSA 9 Current Stars orange /5
Eduardo Camavinga 2021 Topps Merlin 97' UCL PSA 10-9 Autographs red /10
Giorgio Chiellini 2017 Topps Chrome UCL PSA 10-10 gold refractor auto /50
Jacob Ramsey 2021-22 Impeccable EPL PSA 10-10 Illustrious ink /99
Jamal Musiala 2022-23 Merlin Chrome UCC raw Autograph /99
Jamie Vardy 2020-21 Prizm EPL raw Color Blast
Jude Bellingham 2022 Topps J. Bellingham PSA 9 Midfield Maestros auto /99
Kevin De Bruyne 2021-22 Topps Gold UCL PSA 10-10 Elite auto pink /10
Kylian Mbappe 2017 Topps Chrome UEFA PSA 10 Champions League base
Lamine Yamal 2024 Topps Flagship raw RC autograph
Liam Delap / Cole Palmer 2021 Topps Merlin 97' UCL PSA 7-10 Dual autographs /5
Lionel Messi 2022-23 Donruss PSA 10 Pitch Kings silver
Paolo Maldini 2021-22 Finest UCL PSA 9 Autograph /200
Richarlison 2019-20 Prizm EPL PSA 10 Kaboom
Rivaldo 2020-21 Obsidian  PSA 10 Aurora Autographs /149
Roberto Carlos 2020-21 Obsidian  PSA 10 Aurora Autographs /99
Romelu Lukaku 2022-23 Donruss raw Kaboom
Ronaldinho 2022-23 Topps Chrome UCC PSA 10 Golazo Gold Refractor /50
Thomas Muller 2021-22 Topps Gold UCL PSA 10-10 Current Stars auto Pink /10
Vini Jr 2022 Topps UCL Knockout PSA 9-10 Autographs Blue /25
Zinedine Zidane  2022-23 Donruss raw Kaboom

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